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Feline Friendz - FIV Postive vs. Negative UDPATE ON KITTENS:

Tiffany, Senora & Samson were recently retested for FeLV/FIV and all tests came back negative. Both Tiffany & Samson have been adopted and are living now in their furr-ever homes. Senora is still waiting for that lifetime of love!

Taffy was retested and came back FIV+, but another test will be performed at the age of 7 months.

It not uncommon to retest kittens for certainty up to 1 year old.

On July 8, 2011 Feline Friendz received a request to help a mother cat who had given birth to kittens under a truck at the Sapp Brothers truck stop in Omaha.

Sarah, and her kittens, Taffy, Tiffany, Senora and Samson, were immediately caught and placed into foster care, where they could be assessed properly, provided shelter, food and of course, immediate medical care. The litter and the mother thrived in foster care, and at 6 weeks, the kittens were removed to allow the mother to be spayed and tested for FeLV/FIV. This test is standard for Feline Friendz, especially with strays that have no medical history.

The upside is that all the kittens and the mother will survive and can live happy healthy lives. But because she was allowed to mate repeatedly and have several litters before Feline Friendz was notified for assistance, Sarah's Feline Immunodefeciency Virus (FIV) test came back positive. It then became necessary to test at least one of the kittens as well.

As the kittens continued to grow, Taffy, remained the smallest so she was selected for the test. Taffy did test positive for FIV, but repeated studies now state that FIV tests sometimes can provide false positives, especially in kittens, so the kittens should be tested again around 6 months old.

What is FIV?

Feline Immunodefeciency Virus (FIV) does not mean death for a cat. There are many great articles explaining the virus and the positive future a cat can have despite them testing positive.

A great article is provided here for your convenience.

The Future for the Kittens

The kittens are thriving and showing no signs of illness which means they are normal, happy, playful guys and gals needing loving homes. They are deemed "special needs" because one kitten did test positive for FIV.

Retesting the kittens at 6 months will confirm the diagnosis.

Special needs does not mean huge vet bills, sick cats or death for an FIV positive kitten or cat. It simply means that the we are aware of their medical condition and want to inform the adopter up front so they are well informed of the possibilities. Knowing they are FIV positive helps the adopter make good medical choices for their kitties.

In many cases, cats and kittens medical history is unknown, especially with stray situations and often times healthy cats can become ill without warning even under the best of care. Having a medical history to begin with helps you, the pet owner, become aware and informed of all the possibilities you have to have a healthy, happy and lasting relationship with your companion.

Taffy, Tiffany, Senora and Samson are well socialized kittens with both cats and humans and will brighten anyone's home willing to give them a second chance and a little love.

To complete an application for these wonderful boys and girls click here.

To learn more about these kittens, or about their special needs, contact us and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions and concerns.

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