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Feline Friendz Clairese was pregnant and homeless when trapped by a citizen in Randolph, Iowa, who's city leaders had publicly placed a $5.00 bounty on all stray, homeless or unwanted cats to rid the town's overpopulation problem of feral and stray cats.

But the cat was let out of the bag, so to speak, when Alley Cat Allies' Director, Becky Robinson, heard about the bounty, and came to Clairese's rescue. She contacted volunteer Larry Shackman who was also connected with Feline Friendz to get Clairese into a foster home, where she could not only live, but also be able to complete her pregnancy healthy and happy.

A coalition of over 55 rescues and individual volunteers was formed to assist the city leaders in humanely bringing their town's overpopulation back under control which was called The Randolph Rescue Project making national headlines.

Clairese was placed into foster care providing her with the best veterinary care, as well as, a safe and peaceful home environment to complete her pregnancy. A short time later, Clairese gave birth to 8 kittens, but the prior stress to this cat proved to be too much, and 4 kittens passed on.

The remaining 4 kittens, however, grew to be healthy and happy cats and are all in loving and permanent homes, which led Clairese to be adopted. Being an adult cat, despite her beauty, her permanent home was surprisingly hard to find.

But now she lives happy, healthy and forever, in her new inside, safe and loving home. Congratulations Clairese, for finding your brand new home.

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