Farm Homes


Do you have a farm or large property? We are always looking for homes for our cats who are not quite suited for the indoor house cat lifestyle.


All cats will be spayed and neutered and rabies vaccinated at no cost to qualifying Farm Homes. They will need to be provided food, water, and shelter daily. In return they will chase the mice and other rodents from your property and generally make the area more lovely. 

Each situation is unique as is every cat. Farm cats can range from friendly cats who are not cutout for houselife, to semi-ferals who are too shy for adoption and prefer the company of other cats, and feral cats that may need to be relocated from an unsafe area. As their caretaker they will eventually learn to trust you and may even let you pet them. However these will not usually be the kind of cats that will want to be picked up, cuddled, etc... but never say never! 


If you are interested please call