“When I lost my beloved cat, Taz of 15 years, in October 2010 after 1.5 years of battling diabetes, I swore I wasn’t going to get another cat for a long time because it took a lot of energy to take care or him and it was so hard to see him decline. However, about 6 weeks later I walked into the house and realized something was missing. My furry friend always greeted me at the door. I knew I needed to get another cat to fill this void. My husband was supportive and said I could get another cat whenever I was ready. The hunt began and my hunt took me to the Feline Friendz website where I found some cute kittens. I ended up with 2 that we finally got to bring home in December. Bessie and Kole have filled our lives with love and continue to keep us on our toes.

In August, my girls, ages 9 and 7 woke and bed a kitten. I never thought my husband would agree but he did, on one condition… “that we get a boy so I am not so outnumbered in this house.” So, I called Bre, the foster Mom from our previous two cats and asked if she had any kittens and she said yes and hours later, Deuce was added to our clan. He has added laughter and some scolding in our home but we cannot imagine life without him.

Feline Friendz came into our lives when we really “kneaded” them and my girls and I asked if there was some way we could help out. They like playing with kittens and holding them and in January, a Habitat Helper Group was formed to help take of the cats up for adoption at Petco. We volunteer twice a week and we couldn’t be happier with our experience. We love cleaning the habitat and playing with the cats on Thursdays and Sundays. The greatest joy was being there when a family showed interest in the cat in the habitat and asked how they could take her home. It is bittersweet to see the cats go to their furrever homes and I hope Bre was as happy to see the kittens come to our home. We have made new lifelong friends through Feline Friendz and look forward to volunteering each and every week!"



"This is such a great cause. They helped us with our feral colony. I will never forget. I encourage all my friends and family to support this organization. We had kittens coming out of the cracks two years ago - you helped us control our population of 26. I am not sure what we would have done without your support and assistance!"

– Teresa H. 


“I gave to Feline Friendz today on behalf of my beautiful Willowmeena and Marlene, whom we lovingly call Willie and Marley! They make our happy house an even happier home. Thank you over and over again. The donation we gave will never match the amount of joy they give us! Bless you for all the work that you do for kitties like them.”

– Karen B.



“We got both of are boy's from feline friendz Grady Wilson,Vincent Vega. God Bless Feline Friendz!”

– Scott M.



“The best part of the day is relaxing with my 2 boys!! Feline Friendz fostered both of these gentle kitties. Stretch joined us 6 YRS ago and Bo just 4 months ago. We cannot imagine a single day without them! THANK YOU Feline Friendz for all you do for the kittens!”

- Cheryl Milroy



"My husband and I were very fortunate to have found Feline Friendz. Our sweet 14 year old Cosmo passed away February 2014 and we wanted to adopt another kitty. Our 9 year old Ringo needed a friend also. I found the rescue online and immediately saw a kitten we loved. Unfortunately he was spoken for but fortunately we found our 2 new fur babies Oliver and Olivia who were litter mates of the kitty we saw online. Working with Feline Friendz was so easy and so great. Everyone who were involved with were so kind and caring and work tirelessly to save these sweet animals and find good homes. The cost was minimal but the rewards are so great. We love our babies. Thanks Feline Friendz".

-Linda Hester

“Part of our conversation while driving to Kansas City in February: 'Sometime in the next year we will look at getting 2 kittens.'  We found the Feline Friendz website and pictures of 4 adorable kittens who, unfortunately for us, were already spoken for.  No worries.  We weren't in any hurry to find 2 adorable kittens who are friendly, affectionate and playful.  Wait...you have brother and sister kittens in foster care?  Hmmmm.  Perhaps we could see a photo?  Then a month later we were blessed with tiny, little Remy and Tess.  They stole our hearts from the moment we met them.   These two were bottle fed so they are extra affectionate.  VERY playful and curious.  Remy is a jumper and LOVES water.  Tess is a climber.  We are so glad we have them both.  They love to play together and cuddle with each other.  They do keep us on our toes but we wouldn't be happy if our life was any other way.”

- Sidney van der Spuy


“I found this photo of Samantha when she was still at Petco right before we adopted her. I actually had a different kitty picked out, but as we were leaving I looked back at her and she gave me one slow long blink and i knew she was the one heart emoticon She's such an angel full of love..we adore her. Working with Feline friendz was wonderful. heart emoticon Thank you Feline Friendz in Nebraska We are grateful!”

- Lisa C.


“I love cats.  My first cat was a handsome Tonkinese that I had for 15 years.  So I’ve always had a weak spot for Siamese.  A little over a year ago a photo of a Siamese kitten caught my eye in my Facebook newsfeed.  His face reminded me a bit of my old kitty.  The photo was posted by Feline Friendz in Nebraska, who I followed as I had adopted my cat Sophie through them via my veterinarian’s office in 2005.  I clicked on the kitten’s photo to find out more about him.  They were calling him Si.  He had been found outside in the freezing cold, weighing only two pounds and near death.  I thought, this kitty belongs in our family, but I couldn’t articulate that thought since I already had three cats and certainly didn’t need four.  But I followed his progress on Facebook as updates and new photos were posted.  Finally, one day they posted that Si would be available for adoption and would be at Petco that Saturday.  I thought, well, it wouldn’t hurt to look and to meet him.  That Saturday I was driving down Maple St. on my way to Petco.  Three times I almost turned around and went home because I certainly didn’t need another cat.  But I kept going.  When I got to Petco, I asked to see him, and Bre handed him to me.  I couldn’t put him down.  Some children came to look at the kitties, and I let them see Si, but I couldn’t put him down.  Bre asked if I wanted to fill out an adoption application.  I said yes.  About a week later Bre brought him to my house.  I had decided to call him Louis, after a character in my favorite play.  Almost from the beginning Louis became best buds with my older male, Scottie.  His two sisters were a little slower to warm up to him, but after a year, I noted just last night that Louis and Lucy were chasing each other and playing together throughout the house, and later, I found him curled up on the couch near his older sister Sophie.  Louis is a cuddler.  And he’s part of my family.  And I thank Bre and Feline Friendz every day for saving his life and for letting me be the lucky one who gets to see Louis every day.”
-Thomas Lowe